Disputes concerning your children are one of the most difficult legal challenges you will ever have to face. Fortunately, both you and the law focus on the same concern, namely, what is in the best interests of your child.  At Lems Law Office we will assist you in understanding the different types of custody arrangements available that best fit your desire and the best interests of your child and we will be there for you throughout this emotional process. Learn More >>




Divorce is the final termination of the marital union, dissolving the bonds of matrimony between two parties.  Divorce is also the termination of a relationship that often involves emotional, physical and financial aspects.  As such, a divorce will likely be the most difficult and life changing experience you will have to face during your lifetime.  Divorce has been likened to the death of a close friend or family member.  This means that you will oftentimes suffer the same stages of grief, despair and anger as you would in dealing with the death of a close loved one.    Learn More >>


Lems Law Office offers Estate Planning services uniquely tailored to fit your specific needs. Estate Planning involves decisions about how your property is distributed after death as well as important issues which may occur during your lifetime.  The drafting of appropriate Estate Planning documents is a critical step in preserving and growing what you have worked so hard to build for you and your family.  Many different types of documents, such as a Will or Trust, may be drafted to accomplish your particular goals.   Learn More >>